Reptiles Gain The Ability To Produce Fur From Mineral Water.

As reported today, herpetologist Robert Henning was studying the qualities and texture of reptiles’ skin and found out the that suddenly when they swim in their habitat’s water they can grow fur on their skin overtime. Little is known as of right now how the water is capable of doing this. Henning and other in area herpetologist agreed to look further investigate the situation.


The Skin Of A Reptile

It was also reported that with time a reptiles skin develops their scales from the epidermis ( something akin to fish), these characteristics is what separates them from mammals. From what herpetologist Robert Henning and his crew has told us reptiles obtain such scales because they must survive certain conditions. What is suddenly causing them to reach out to the water and produce mammal type fur?

Properties of Mineral Water

As you may or may not know mineral is basically water that it mainly found in nature that has dissolved salts present in it. Could this possibly be the cause of the reptiles growing fur at will? Is it the salts in the water, or perhaps something else? It has been discovered recently that mineral water is beginning to change color.

Change In Color

As mentioned in a different post the color of the mineral water is changing the usual hue that it normally sported has begun to change drastically. Is the different color infecting the reptiles and giving them their new abilities? Water experts say that it is natural for the mineral water to adorn different colors. Since when? As far as we humans know water has always been a clear blue color, then again this as far as we know.

Creating The Coat

Since the reptiles have now began to grow fur and can even shed it, it is still unknown what the water could be doing to their skin cells. It makes you wonder why the water suddenly started changing color. Is it even the water all? It could just be a coincidence that this is all happening at the same time.